NRI's view on the treatment received in Mumbai

Testimonial from a Diabetic Charcot foot neuropathy patient's relative

Testimonial from a Diabetic Charcot foot neuropathy

Testimonial from Eng. Sharif Said

"Thanks too much for your care and kindness to my mother Dr. Pradeep. We will not forget that, I earned a new good friend in India. I hope to see you with your family in Egypt one day."

Testimonial from Ms. Priti Doshi

"There are many good surgeons around us but what makes a surgeon excellent is his personal care and follow up post the operation. I recently went through a corrective foot surgery conducted by Dr. Pradeep Munot due to which my right foot was in a cast for around 3 months. The reason this surgery was important was because, being flat footed, my right foot was progressively getting more and more deformed due to which in a couple of years, it would not be possible to walk on that foot unless the surgery was done. Not only did Dr. Moonot easily handle this complex operation, but he was also was very accommodating of my family doctor being present during the operation (inside the OT!) for moral support.

It can be very frustrating to have your mobility restricted, but Dr. Pradeep Moonot's encouragement, warmth and support during that time was very helpful. Remote care is difficult when it comes to follow ups and coordination but to my very pleasant surprise, I never felt that he was inaccessible at any point.
For a patient's recovery, the first point is psychological which directly depends upon the physicians response and care. I was cured the day I consulted him as I developed a faith in his expertise, patience and support."

Testimonial from Raji Arora Khanuja

"We met many doctors for the treatment of my leg. But were not satisfied with their diagnosis. We were getting more and more confused until we met you. You made me feel that I was in safe hands. Due to some or the other reason we had to change the date of operation. But still you didn't get irritated and were very cooperative.
Everyone was very nice, and it is nice to be treated well since you are the patient in need of help. Caring, smiling and laughing is good atmosphere for patients.I was very well taken care of. You had been busy but still took the time to make me feel like I was the only patient there.

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the promptness and professional care given to me.
Our experience at this facility was of the quickest and best we have ever encountered. It was good to be treated with professionalism and care
I appreciate the follow-up and willingness to answer questions also. A big thank you. Coming here is like dealing with trusted family."

Testimonial from Vijay Kirloskar

Dr. Pradeep, a Big Thank you. I'm so happy I was operated by you. You are a great surgeon and a wonderful person. Again Dr. Pradeep, a million thanks for the surgery, your care and commitment to me and patience. Don't know what else to say. Could say another 100 words but my eyes and body language said it all. I'm happy with your result.

Testimonial from Preeti and Menka Jhangiani

Mrs. R. K. Jumani

I fell while walking down rugged stairs and couldn't walk properly post that due immense pain on my left ankle. On 30th March I was taken to Dr. Pradeep Monoot for consultation - On seeing my X-Ray Dr. Monoot advised surgery with Plate and Screw fixation. The alternative was to wait for a considerable amount of time hoping it would naturally heal (which was not a 100% fix). I was apprehensive and wasn't sure of the best possible decision to make in such a case. Dr. patiently explained to me and my family how my recovery time would be reduced considerably and that there would not be a problem after the surgery. The 2nd option would cause my muscles to be inactive and would probably cause muscle issues due to immobility (these were the concerns also shared by my husband who's also a Doctor). Further, If it would not heal naturally - I would have to take a graft from my hip bones. He also gave me time to think and that I could call off the surgery if I wanted to. On 1st April I was successfully operated. My surgery was uneventful and as stated by Dr. I had absolutely no problem during/after the surgery.There was no nausea, pain and uneasiness.

My post operative and rehabilitation has been very smooth because of Dr. Monoot's advice. Despite of having a busy practice I would receive response to my queries on the same day. He also suggested simple and easy exercises.

I religiously followed what Dr. outlined and have had great results. I am back on my feet much earlier than expected. I am an Yoga fan and I am already able to do simple stretches and Asans without a problem.

Dr. Manoot treats with utmost professionalism; he genuinely cares for well being of his patients. He is not only a good doctor but above all a good human being. I sincerely thank you Dr. Monoot for putting me back on my feet and my normal life.

Mrs. Rasila Patel

I am 68 year old female and suffering from osteo arthritis...All the orthopaedics i visited , suggested TKR... I read about an article by Dr. Munot on PRP...I took the chance and visited him...He veru humbly told tht i thr is no urgent need of replacement and administered PRP in both knees... Now after 6 weeks there is tremendous improvement in my pain and gait....Thank you very much for the help dr...God Bless...

Mr. Nishit Shah

While trekking, last year in August, my ankle twisted on loose rocks and I could hear a loud 'tear and pop sound' For a minute I thought I had dislocated my ankle but initial reports were negative. I continued to suffer from discomfort and instability for the next couple of months since a couple of other Ortho's I visited were able to diagnose it correct. This is where Dr Monoot was brilliant. In my first visit to him he saw the ROM on my ankle, my gait, suggested a second MRI and diagnosed a peroneus brevis tear. He suggested a surgery, of which I was skeptical and uncomfortable due to possible complications and / or long recovery periods. This, I think is where Dr Monoot really helped. He spent time discussing the surgery process, the recovery timelines and infact took me through a small session on the anatomy of the foot and exact nature of injury and possible complications in the long run. He responded to all my questions not only at his clinic but a couple of the via mail as well. His approach towards not only the physiological part but addressing my doubts and uncertainties was brilliant. Even on the day of the surgery he put my mind at ease and ensured I'll be able to trek within the next 6 months. I'm on my way to recovery in March and hope to get back to Treks come July.
I think this combination of experience and his skill to put your mind at ease works best. If anyone has an issue with ankle or knee I'd recommend them to meet Dr Monoot at least once before they make their decision.

Mrs. Urmi Misra

I had a loose body in my knee for almost 10 years to be specific. I had visited several doctors and experts but no one could tell what the actual problem was or how it could be treated. Several x rays and scans were performed however the loose body could not be seen. I used to suffer from severe pains and locking of my knee. I couldn't walk properly. Finally in the year 2013, the loose body was detected in an MRI Scan. The doctor I consulted advised of injecting a gel as a treatment. My fiancee was not convinced with the advise. We looked for a better doctor to consult. After many visits and consultations, we finally met Dr. Moonot. He advised that a small invasive surgery would help. The loose body can be removed through an arthroscopic surgery. We decided to go for it. Believe me I have recoverd very well. I don't feel and locking in my knee and I am able to walk again properly.
Thanks to Dr. Moonot. He has been a great relief. I would sincerely recommend him to everyone.


Mrs. Bhakti Murkute

I was suffering from sevier knee pain and was crippled for so many years and was in absolute fear for going into the surgery. I was not able to walk properly. Sir, your moral courage, confidence and supreme convincing power help me make up my mind for the surgery. Sir, you have performed the knee surgery successfully which made me stand on my own at the very same day. I could also walk on the road within a month’s time of the surgery.
I very much appreciate gracefully that you are a very good surgeon and a very good human being. I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart and pray to god almighty for your great success and many more endevours ahead.


Mrs. Bineeta Chittal

Thank you so much Dr. Monoot for your time during your consultation with me to discuss a treatment plan for my ankle and heel pain. I felt cared for because of your compassion. I never felt rushed. The plan of treatment and the exercises which you recommended worked well and I was relieved from the pain. I am very happy and look forward to being fit again.
Thank you Dr Moonot for treating me with sincere care and respect. It is hard to find this quality of care and I really appreciate it.


Dr. Shaikh

I had been suffering from severe pain in my ankle since 6 months due to a sports injury. I had visited many experts, done many investigations but with no improvement, until I met Dr. Pradeep Monoot. Not only he diagnoised my problem but also treated it so effectively that I'm back to my routine and playing harder.
Thanks to Dr. Pradeep Monoot. God Bless him....


Ms Samyuktha

For the last one year I had been suffering from cramping pain and severe immobility due to a tendon injury in my ankle. I had been running from pillar to post searching for doctors to find an effective remedy. Eventually, I was extremely fortunate to consult Dr Moonot who was understanding and empathetic and took personal interest in suggesting a proper cure for my problem. The SW therapy which he personally administered was very effective and I am almost back in form.
Thank you Dr Monoot for the great relief you have been able to provide me with. I have recommended your expertise to my friends.